Accommodation and rental of riads in Marrakech Medina

Several choices of accommodation in Morocco, one of which is a stay in a Marrakech Riad

Morocco has become an unquestionable destination par excellence for the adventure lovers and especially for tourists. Considering the importance of tourism in the country, under what face does Morocco present itself with regard to accommodation?

Since accommodation is a kind of provisional and temporary housing which every person on the move would need, it is crucially important in a country particularly dependent on tourism as is Morocco.

Because of this, we could be tempted to ask where we should stay while in Morocco. This question finds various answers.As far as accommodation is concerned, Morocco shows two more or less different faces. The choice appears in the form of two categories of accommodation: budget accommodation and luxury accommodation, with of course accommodation in the middle range.

Luxury accommodation is especially designed to attract and delight tourists. They are ranked by the Ministry of Tourism in the one or two-star category. Next to this category, it should be said that Morocco has numerous four and five-star hotels capable of providing visitors the pleasures and benefits of a swimming pool and even of a discotheque.

Also, the Riads included in the dynamics of comfort of the accommodation in Morocco are traditional houses, most of which have been transformed while keeping their oriental aspect. Most Riads are located in the Ochre City of Marrakech, although they can also be found in Fez, Rabat and Essaouira. These houses offer unequalled coolness, calm and comfort.

It is within this dynamic that you will find a wonder like the Riad “La Croix Berbère”, which will guarantee absolute comfort in a sumptuous guesthouse in Marrakech. Moreover, this Riad offers the opportunity not only to rent a Riad in Marrakech and to enjoy a swimming pool at the very heart of the old town. The Riad “La Croix Berbère” allows you quite simply to enjoy your stay in a Riad in Marrakech to the rhythm of the history and culture of Morocco.

Budget accommodation is also generally aimed at young visitors (students and adventurers) who are not too concerned with comfort, and they are often called “youth hostels” (YH). Such hostels operate a membership scheme, so that it is enough to show the membership card in order to get their doors open.

It is fairly easy to find small hotels in the medina, a little timeworn, without much comfort and only offering the bare minimum for a transitory stay, for about 50 dirhams (about $6.5 or £4) per person.