reservation riad in marrakech

Making a reservation in a Riad in Marrakech is first entrance into the Berber world

The Berber people are a rather peculiar people whose history and origin have much written and talked about. Berbers are indeed generally present in most North African countries. Some researchers grant them the status of Africa’s first inhabitants, while others think that they are the origin of the existence of the white human race in North Africa.

Berbers are a people native of Morocco and constitute a large part of the Moroccan population, that is 40% of that population would be pure Berbers. As a result of this considerable presence, Berbers integrated as best they could and have adopted both the Moroccan and the Arab cultures. This would explain the fact that most Berbers speak Moroccan Arabic and are actually Muslims.

The Berber people remained a sort of legend used for business. It is from this perspective that certain business people will describe their businesses as “Berber” in order to praise them or that some riads will be given Berber names. This is the case of the famous Riad “La Croix Berbère” (The Berber Cross), which following the model of Berber hospitality offers accommodation in a most welcoming setting and allows its visitors to stay in a magnificent riad guesthouse in Marrakech. This beautiful accommodation offers the possibility of rental of the riad with swimming pool and of providing you with all the necessary information for the reservation of a Riad in Marrakech.

Berbers are spread over some 3 million sq. miles, from the Canary Islands to Western Egypt. However, an important number of them have joined the latest waves of immigration going to France, Spain, the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, and many other countries.

According to statistics, on the African continent the Berber population is estimated to amount to 25 million people. Morocco has a total of 12 million, followed by Algeria, which has some 8.5 million.